[Garnalennet] alleen rond de wereld binnen 60 dagen

niels.tempel op trimaran-trojka.nl niels.tempel op trimaran-trojka.nl
Ma Jan 19 08:57:06 CET 2009

Solo Circumnavigation of the Globe in Less Than 60 Days

Thomas Coville crossed the finish line on his solo round the world record
attempt aboard a multihull today, off the Petit Minou light in Brest,
Saturday 17th January at 10 hours, 41 minutes and 57 seconds UTC.
The sailor and his Maxi Trimaran Sodeb'O completed their circumnavigation
of the globe in 59 days, 20 hours, 47 minutes and 43 seconds. He is the
third sailor after Francis Joyon and Ellen MacArthur to have successfully
sailed around the world without stopovers. Each of them, as well as
Olivier de Kersauson, have paid tribute to the skipper of Sodeb'O and his
Thomas Coville racked up the 4th best outright time around the globe,
behind the crews of Bruno Peyron (2005) and Steve Fossett (2004) and the
solo sailor Francis Joyon (2008). Though he was unable to outdo Francis
Joyon's performance in terms of speed, during his circumnavigation of the
globe, Thomas Coville beat his own 24 hour distance record on 7th December
2008: 628.5 miles (1,164 km) devoured at 26.2 knots (48.5 km/hr)!
Last year Francis sailed 26,400 miles at an average speed of 19.11 knots.
Thomas Coville's course was longer (28,125 miles) but it was also faster
(19.60 knots).
At the harbour entrance in Brest, the three metre waves of the Iroise left
the way clear for a good swell. Under one reef mainsail and solent,
downwind in a 15-20 knot SW'ly, the Maxi Trimaran returned to the point
she set out from on 18th November 2008. Thomas crossed the finish line
standing on the bow of the central hull, his hands in his pockets.


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